Champagne and Shine

A passion for fashion

Here are some gems from the Vogue interview and photo-shoot:    

Victoria says she lies in bed “mentally figuring out” what outfit to wear the following day.

Family monochrome photos dominate the Beckham household

Lady Beckham trains five-times a week at 6am and never gives up no matter how tough a work out she’s doing.

Victoria describes the Beckham home as a “bit of a madhouse” with either music playing or football blasting out of the TV.

Victoria says she now rarely wears high heels.

Now, this one did leave us wondering. Surely not - Victoria is famous for balancing in countless pairs of Louboutins and the like.

But no, she told Vogue: “since living in London I am always in flats – flat, Prada-y, slip on things or Vans”.



Victoria Beckham in Vogue UK August 2014
Shot by Patrick Demarchelier


Victoria Beckham covers Vogue UK August 2014. Patrick Demarchelier captures VB like we’ve never seen her before. Love the hat, love the wellies, love it all!